"Temple of the Green Moon" is a psychological thriller that will send you into the heart of a mystical journey full of mysteries and incredible discoveries.
The plot develops around a famous blogger, an inveterate skeptic, who decides to go to the Zhigulyov Mountains to debunk myths about anomalous zones. All he is interested in is to ridicule and refute all these rumors and fairy tales. But what if mysterious forces and mysterious circumstances plunge him into a reality he never dared to even contemplate?

In the dark psychological thriller "Temple of the Green Moon" you will immerse yourself in an atmosphere of mystery and riddles. Make unusual discoveries, learn the secrets of ancient rituals, collect rare collections.

What features are waiting for you in the Zhigulyov Mountains? The ability to photograph objects hidden from the gaze of ordinary people and individual keeping of the hero's diary. In this game of Russian setting each of your actions will lead to the formation of pages in the diary. You will write your own story depending on your actions and your attentiveness.