Liber Prologue
Embark on an exciting journey with a group of bandits who have been very unlucky lately.

Skirmishes, duels, sabotage and horse racing across the wild but beautiful prairies of the west are waiting for you.
The Liber Prologue game is now available on Steam.
Liber Prologue will tell us the backstory of Nick Rhodes' life in the wild West before the connection with a mysterious book that will completely turn his life around. You will become a participant in a tense western with a gray morality where everyone is ready to exchange friends and conscience for a coin and a bottle of whiskey. In this harsh world of the wild West, you should learn only one rule.

To whom fear is not familiar, God is not the judge and the sheriff is not the law.
In addition to a colorful story and acquaintance with colorful characters, you will have chases, shootouts, duels with the enemy, a mission of pursuit and robbery.